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Share To Social Networks Using Browser Bookmarks

I've tried many ways to easily share items from my browser to any of the social networks I'm using. Addons came close to working fine but I always worry (maybe unreasonably) about their load on the browser ... read more

Outlook Out-of-Office Auto-Reply Only to Emails Directed to Me

Out-of-Office Replies are very helpful and, I must admit, very annoying. I'd love to maximize the first part and minimize the last. I only want to know that someone is out-of-office if I address them directly, not if I CC them ... read more

Open YouTube Videos in PopUp Window with a Bookmark

Follow these steps to add a bookmark to your browser that opens YouTube videos in a popup window ... read more

How to Turn XML Schema (XSD) to Documentation

How to Turn XML Schema (XSD) to Documentation ... read more

Upgrade Windows Font for Better Arabic Readability

Use Windows 8 new font for better readability ... read more

Add RTL Support and Web Fonts to Tumblr Posts

How to add Right-to-left support in Tumblr templates ... read more

How to Ruin Your Technical Session in 10 Easy Steps

It's so easy, you should try it sometime ... read more

Real-Time GIS Using SignalR and Esri's JavaScript API

Building Real-time capabilities into Esri JavaScript API applications ... read more

The Five Stages of Grief over Google Reader Shutdown

The Internet instant response to the shutdown of Google Reader ... read more

Using Intellisense with Esri's JavaScript API in Visual Studio

How to enable Intellisense for the Esri JavaScript API ... read more