The Big Short

Amazing Story, Beautifully Told
In the tsunami of the economic crisis of 2008, there’s a million story. I’ve read many books on the topic and they cover it very well. “All the Devils are Here” covers the history. “Too Big To Fail” covers the top guys on Wall Street and Government during the crisis. “The Big Short” tells the story of few people who, while not connected at all, saw it coming. Not only did they see it coming but also made ton of money off of it.
Michael Lewis have a talent for adding a human touch on a tough cold subject like economics and trading on Wall Street. He dives in the background of the characters deep enough to make us understand why they do what they do but not too deep to make us bored with characters that are not known to the general public.
I don’t really have many comments on the book itself other than the story is well told. I have lots of comments on the content of the story but I don’t want to spoil it. All I can say is, this is probably the closest an economic story comes to a horror story.