Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House

I don’t disagree with the theme of this book. Obama is a revivalist who wants good for America. Republicans are bad. Yet I don’t like the way the case for those conclusions has been made.
Richard Wolffe is not one of those partisans who are biased to one side over the other. He present himself (or at least I see him) as a journalist whose opinions are based on facts and grounded into reason. And in making the case for any of those conclusions, he would demonstrates the facts and reasons for those conclusions. Unfortunately, this is not the case here.
While the book is full of analysis to the transformation of the Obama campaign as it moved to the White House and faced the realities of governing, it’s light on reporting. There are no new insights into the White House as you find ‘Game Change’ does to the 2008 campaigns.
One thing I really didn’t like is making assertions about people and policies without explaining how did you jump to those assertions. One example is the description of Larry Summers.
The book maybe right about conclusions but that is not what you look for in a book. You can get that in a short TV segment. Maybe my expectations were wrong.
The book makes a good case for Obama. It’s a good chance to see things how Obama sees them. It reflects the authors knowledge of the president.