The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

I was only 100 pages into this book when I started recommending it. Another 150 pages and I continued to recommend it. After I’m done with it, I’m here to go on the record to recommend this book.
I have to admit that big part of it for me that it’s the right book at the right time. Reading a book about how habits work while in the middle of trying to be more active, lose some weight and other personal projects is just a great fit.
However, I still think that this is a great read and the book makes a great case about how and why do most of the things we do on daily basis. Gaining self-awareness about your good habits can make them better and more sustainable, and understanding your bad habits is the start of how you can get rid of them.
The book isn’t one of those books about self improvement or how to be a better person. It’s just a collection of stories of people, organizations, communities applying science or just good sense to make their lives better. Even though the book contains a chapter at the very end about how to take advantage of all these stories and apply them to your life, it doesn’t do that in a form of a plan or “10-steps to better habits”. This is a big relieve for me.
Sometimes the author gets a little carried away with the theory of how habits is the base of all behavior. That still doesn’t take away from the book being a great read. The author is able to move easily from one story to another, give the right amount of details and keep you interested.
This book doesn’t really fall within my genre of books that I usually read, but I really really enjoyed it.