MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for A New Best Friend

I thought this book is about finding new friends, but actually it’s about a woman finding new girlfriends. That’s its biggest flaw for me, I’m not the target audience.
However, I really enjoyed the author’s easy style of writing, how she moves from one story to another with ease and how she switches from stories to facts, statistics, and quotes from psychological studies about friendship.
The book can get too ‘girly’ at times, not just for me but I think for most people but that’s understandable given the author’s fascination with pop culture in general, Harry Potter, Glee and Entertainment Weekly which she reads cover to cover.
On the other hand, the author offers great information on friendship, making friends, and relationships in general. She uses number of books as a source (The Lonely American, Bowling Alone, and others) but also meets with a Professor who is an expert on the issue.
The book doesn’t offer any grand conclusion on the experience, it chronicles the author’s experience throughout her quest to make friends in a new city. Sometimes it can get a little bit repetitive, but you can enjoy the progress she makes in approaching new “friend date” as she calls them.
Don’t try to keep up with all the people that she meets, there’s way too many of them. You can use the author’s husband way of remembering them; “the one with the …”. You can enjoy how the author come up with all those different ways to meet new people. This falls into a “tip and tricks” type of information, it can be very helpful. There’s plenty of those tips regarding how to approach people without scaring them away.
You can see throughout the book how trying to make friends can make you more social, even if you don’t end up with a new BFF, you can still enjoy the benefits of being more open to new relationships, more adventurous, and more at ease when talking to strangers.
I’ve listened to the audio version of this book. I’ve found the narrator to be very good. Her normal tone matches the spirit of the book; happy, discovering and uplifting. She does an excellent job of switching between all the different characters (and there’s a lot of them).
In general, I found the book to be a fun read. I’m not really the target audience but it was a nice break from all the serious (and mostly depressing) books I normally read. The book can be too happy at times, but most of the time it will just make you laugh.