Double Down

As all squeals, this book as a squeal to “Game Change” is also over hyped, disappointing, has few elements from the first book, will sell a lot of copies because you’ll read it any way.
The 2012 election wasn’t as exciting of a story as 2008. You can try to play it any way you want, you can listen to all the news media repeating how “this is the most important election of our life time”. Well, they say that about every election. It just wasn’t.
Maybe it was an important election, it certainly sealed the fate of Obamacare. If Romney won, it would’ve been the end of Obamacare, not because Romney would’ve repealed on the first day as he said (which is absurd and stupid) but because his win would’ve been a mandate to repeal Obamacare. Just as Obama’s win was a mandate to go ahead with it, as all of Obama’s other policies.
The election, however, wasn’t as exciting. Because Romney is boring. Because Romney is a weak opponent to Obama. Because the cast of characters in 2012 wasn’t as interesting as that of 2008. Because 2012 wasn’t a historical moment as 2008.
Comparing the book to Game Change will negatively affect your read. However, you can’t really avoid the comparison. The authors are asking you for it. “Game Change 2012” is right there in the title. However, they didn’t stand a chance in getting the same scoops they did in 2008. It’s the kind of book that could only be written once. The book actually tells a story about the Obama camp fighting leaks to two authors writing a book about the ongoing campaign. That’s when you’re no longer only telling the story but also part of the story.
It’s maybe unfair to judge this book only by comparing it to “Game Change” which explains the 3 stars. However, I recommend it anyway for all of you, political junkies.