C# in Depth

I like that this book have a friendly tone. It’s not a reference book, but C# in Depth is true to its title. You would like this book if you are a C# developer for 2 years or so and now you’re tired of solving all problems with the simple tools of for loops and if statements. Maybe it’s time for something more.
The book assumes that you at least know C# 1.0 (VS 2003 and .NET 1.1) and it moves through C# 2, 3 and 4 to build on the features of each version.
Sometimes you’ll find this way a little irritating because for example you heard about this LINQ thing and you just want to jump to it, or because of the author’s references “we’ll discuss this 2 chapters down the road”. But I think that the way of moving through each version is helpful because sometimes you’ll work on an application that is required to be developed for .NET 2.0 and nothing more. Then, you’ll understand that you can’t use LINQ, extension methods, etc.
The book have a friendly tone with the occasional humor which takes away some of the dullness that comes with reading such a book which is closer to studying than to reading.
The author is very knowledgeable of the subject. If you don’t know Jon Skeet then probably you haven’t been on StackOverflow.com where he is a celebrity.
Sometimes the author would delve too deep into a detail and you’ll find yourself totally lost, just continue and you’ll get out fine on the other end. You’ll find yourself coming back later to that section and going through it once again to better understand. Even if you don’t, you’ll know enough to remember it when you need it.
One tip, try out the code samples. I found myself building on those samples and trying out different situations. It was helpful.
In short this is a great book if you want to step up your C# skills.
I want to thank @EmadMokhtar (Goodreads profile) for the recommendation.