As far as I can tell, the response to “Hi, my name is …” is “huh?” or “sorry?”. I’m in the phase where I feel bad for people feeling bad that they can’t correctly pronounce my name. It’s really difficult for them, if they don’t speak Arabic.
The problem is that the first letter of my name, in Arabic, doesn’t really have an equivalent in English. So, I have to fall back on the closest thing which is “A”. However, this makes the whole thing falls apart. “Wait, shouldn’t there be a vowel in there?” is something that I was actually told.
No, it shouldn’t, it’s not an English word, it doesn’t have to adhere to rules of the English language.

I usually write my name “Amr”, like it should be pronounced. However, sometimes you can also see it “Amro” because formal government papers are stupid and once you make a document with a certain mistake, it’s easier to make all papers with that mistake than to go back and try to fix it.

I guess one other way to write my name would be “Umr”, but that just looks weird to me because I was always used to write “Amr”. However, it might be slightly easier for someone, who never heard my name before, to read “Umr”.
I guess it’s easier to just listen to it.

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