Where's the Fair Use, YouTube?

I watch YouTube everyday. Not in the sense that I watch viral videos when someone sends me a link, or watch TV content that gets posted on YouTube. No, I watch original content, made by very creative people who managed to turn their passions into a living through the magic of the Internet.
Now, YouTube, the platform that gave them a chance to bring all this amazing content to the world. YouTube, which rose to prominence through the work on these people. This same YouTube is now taking away the platform that these creators are using.
Fair Use is a section in a US copyright law that allows quoting content as-is for purposes of commentary, critic, and review among other uses. This is the basis for many YouTube channels that review movies and other entertainment. However, YouTube have set up a system that is so bad and so dysfunctional, that makes it impossible for these creators to focus on their work and rather have to fight bogus claims everyday.
This video is the best summary of the whole issue. Please watch it.
If you watch original content on YouTube, or if support indie creators, or if you care about keeping the Internet open for small entities and single individuals, please support these creators at #WTFU