The Monkey Hose Experiment

This one is from episode 17 of Reconcilable Differences podcast, from 00:06:34

If you wanna tell the story right, it's the monkeys getting sprayed with the hose thing. Eventually, you'll replace all the monkeys, and no one will know why you can't touch the banana but they'll beat the hell out of the other monky to stop from touching the banana.

Then jumping to 00:09:00

You got a bunch of monkeys in a cage, and a banana or some deseriable food on the other end of the cage, and every time a monkey tries to grab the banana, someone outside the cage hoses them all with a fire hose.
Eventually, the monkeys in the cage learn "Don't touch the banana".
So, then you take one of the monkeys out of the cage and you put a new monkey. The new monkey goes "Oh, this awesome, here's a banana". It goes over to get the banana, and every other monkey in the cage goes "No, don't touch the banana" coz we're all gonna get hosed. All the other monkeys stop the monkey from getting the banana.
Then, you take another monkey out and you put a new monkey in. New monkey comes in, sees the banana, tries to get it, all the monkeys are like "No, don't get the banana".
Keep replacing the monkeys, and eventually you have a cage full of monkeys. None of whom have never been sprayed with the fire hose. All of whom will attack any other monkey that goes for the banana.
Don't touch the banana