Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Reviews

Warning: contains some spoilers.

Some of the reviews review the movie for what it is: a commercial product.

"Star Wars" already was a merchandising bonanza, as Lucas had kept control of the licensing when he sold the first film to 20th Century Fox. Under Disney, at a minimum, there will be more of the same.
Abrams' big advance is said to be supplanting the whiter-than-white protagonists of the original "Star Wars" with a young woman and a black male. This hardly is a cinematic breakthrough, as other moviemakers who understand the demands of a gender- and culturally diverse audience have been doing it for years.
But not until now, in Disney's hands, has the series become commerce and nothing but.
Now we're at seven films, and anyone who thinks "Star Wars" will end at nine features doesn't know their Disney.
Star Wars sequels, prequels, and requels are destined to be part of moviemaking into the infinite future. One can envision Hollywood eventually turning out only two products: "Star Wars" movies and James Bond movies.

Another review titled Back to the Future discuss how the new instalment just copies the earlier movies playing to the audience some times, and playing on the audience’s nostalgia and familiarity most of the time.

This is the era of do-not-fuck-it-up.
Not fucking it up was assignment number one for the seventh installment of the Star Wars franchise.
By contrast, The Force Awakens belongs to a corporation. It is a product meant to make good on an investment.

HelloInternet’s Star Wars Christmas Special review of the movie is a mix of fan satisfaction and puzzlement over the logical inconsistencies.

Some reviews goes as far as calling it worse than the prequels, which is very far but at least they have offer some reasons.

ScreenJunkies discussion of the movie (feat. Max Landis) is really good and has both sides.

RedLetterMedia’s review

My one-line review of the movie is something I said before I saw the movie, but turned out to be true.