Rise of the IndieWeb - Amber Case

What happens when an online service you use freezes your account, loses your data, or goes out of business? Have you ever used a service by a company that suddenly went under, stranding your data? What happened to the Internet in 2003? Do you own your own identity or do you sharecrop? Who owns your data and why? Case will talk about data ownership, identity and the Indie Web, a movement that is taking back ownership of one's own identity and data instead of sharecropping on 3rd party websites.

IndieWebCamp is a set of conventions and tools to help you own your content (status update, post, comment, etc.) while able to work and connect with others on the web.
The website explains the steps for how to set up your website to interact with other indieweb memebers and how to own your content published on social networks.
The talk explains the goals of IndieWeb and how it got started.
There's another good (shorter) talk on the topic by Tantek Celik. Here's the video.