AskDeveloper Link Sheet #3 - ALL THE TECH VIDEOS

Hey everybody,

I’m just gonna casually start as if I haven’t been away for a while. It’s conference season (as you’ll see in a bit), and after going to conferences, you gotta take a short vacation. But you shouldn’t really take unlimited vacation, as some startups pride themselves on offering. Phill Haack of GitHub explains. He highlights TravisCI vacation policy as a good example of what a company should do; minimum vacation, rather than unlimited vacation.

Boston Dynamics showcased their newest addition; Atlas, to the company’s lineup of future destroyers of humanity. I’m hoping the company will get exposed as a fraud or a big joke and none of these robots are actually autonomous. This is less terrifying than watching that guy at the end poking the robot with a hockey stick. DON’T MAKE IT ANGRY.

Continuing with our theme of robots acquiring the abilities to kill us all. Google showed their image analyzer, and Microsoft now has a Vision API. Computers can identify items in images fairly well.

Elon Musk remains our biggest hope to fight the coming robot age. He does this by inventing more amazing machines. A 25-floors high rocket that lands on a boat, and an affordable electric car.

While I await this epic battle, I’m watching lots of tech videos. It’s conference season. So, watch all of Microsoft’s BUILD, EmberConf, and Facebook’s F8

Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz’s EmberConf keynote shows Ember growth and demos improvements made possible by Glimmer 2 and FastBoot, as well as points the way forward for Ember.

BUILD covered many topics, but I’ve noticed the future of .NET and ASP.NET Core 1.0 among other things.

Another conference, virtual, is Hack.Summit() which featured lots of speakers, including Joel Spolsky talking about how to have nice things, and Yehuda Katz explaining why you probably want to use a framework.

But conference videos lead to other conference videos like The Social Coding Contract, and Immutability, Interactivity & JavaScript. Not as recent, but just as good.

I’m hoping the next link sheet won’t take as long, but I think I’ll switch from targeting regular intervals to “when it’s ready” type of goal.

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