AskDeveloper Link Sheet #2 - Self-Parking 3D Printed Buildings

Hey Everyone,
We’re back for the second issue, I’m surprised too

Follow up from last time, the Tesla Model S is shown to be summoned using Apple Watch, which you might think is really cool, but it also solves a serious problem for the millions of people who have a Tesla, an Apple Watch, a garage, and a second car that makes it harder to drive the Tesla out of the garage.

Speaking of Tesla, Elon Musk can be really funny. Speaking of cars, they’ll disappear in their current form, Google even got a patent for self-driving delivery truck. It’s a locker on wheels.

But we’ll miss some of the cars of the past, like Porsche 911 which evolved very little because it was perfect from the start.

And, who cares, we’re 3D printing BUILDINGS in the future. Well, I mean, we’re in the process of working with a company to test the feasibility of 3D printing public housing units. Almost the same thing.

Back in the real world, Basic Income might be a way to fix capitalism but the research isn’t conclusive yet.

What’s for sure is that modern cities are ugly. We need to build attractive cities. Sometime during the 20th century, we somehow decided that huge skyscrapers is the mark of a great civilization. Higher, bigger, hugh-er. it’s the American way, I guess, which is fine for an American century. Maybe it’s time to move away from that, and focus on how city skylines and buildings are affecting those who live in it and how we make it more attractive and enjoyable.

Facebook’s Free Basics saga continues, and here’s a quick reminder and perfect summary for why it’s bad and not free. I could go as far as say, it’s bad for democracy.

What’s also possibly bad for democracy is polling. Don’t dismiss this as a topic about politics, it’s not. We take it for granted that more data is better, because data is good. But sometimes, you gotta step back and realize that more data isn’t necessarily better. The article that goes with the podcast above is also worth a read.

Wikipedia is building a search engine to compete with Google, except it’s not. They’re researching how readers can more easily find information.

Drone submarine that hunts other submarines will set sail this spring, which is why I don’t swim in the sea anymore.

I do watch sport though, and I always marvel at the yellow lines and markers they draw for TV audience to highlight replays. Sadly, the magic is gone now that I understand how the yellow line works in sports games.

That’s all, and remember kids, no action is too small for us to be lazy about. Even meeting room chairs can park themselves now.
So, go out there and build stuff to be more lazy, and fear not that you would make bugs, because bugs can lead to awesome features like hidden files on Linux.

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