AskDeveloper Link Sheet #1 - Late As Always

I finally sent out the first issue of the AskDeveloper link sheet. Check it out, subscribe and tell your friends.

I want to start in the future, where we seem to be since, hackers have caused power outage in Ukraine by infecting 3 regional power authorities with malware.

Not to mention that a Chinese company unveiled the world’s first passenger drone. I’m not sure about this one. If I’m on a plane, I want a pilot with me, because if I’m going down, I’m not doing it alone.

Meanwhile, India refuses Facebook’s offer for free internet for the poor, and for good reasons if you ask me. It’s not Internet, Mark, if it’s only some sites approved by you.

Speaking of refusals, FirefoxOS refuse to be pronounced dead and wants you know that it’ll stop aiming for mobile markets and aim for IoT devices isntead, and that Mozilla is bad at PR (that’s Public Relations, not Pull Request).

In other PR controversies, Microsoft renamed ASP.NET 5 to ASP.NET Core 1.0. I understand the reason to rename it, and the idea that this is a different product has now sunk in, but the name isn’t very good. Too long. “For this project, we’ll use A-S-P-dot-net-core-one-poi…. sorry, project is over”. Hanselman and Edwards discuss the renaming (and the new stack) on Hanselminutes and Community Standup.

Another standup; a comedy stand-up, is by a mathematician about spreadsheets and surprisingly, it works.

More nerd comedy is over at QI, where they revealed that their theme music plays a Morse code that leads to a URL with bonus video. I’ve always enjoyed QI, especially the last joke before closing which someone collected all of them. I love the Internet!

Back in code-land, Microsoft didn’t just go open source with Chakra, but continues the momentum to enable Node.js to use Chakra, and they did the work too.
Kudos, Microsoft.

Chakra has more ES6 support than V8, you should start preparing for the next generation of JavaScript by learning more about ES6.

People are doing some crazy things with JavaScript.

It’s fine, since progressive web apps are coming and they look really cool in this talk.
Down with all installs, long live the web!

Why do they call it “progressive” though? I don’t know, but I do know more about the History of Japan from the year -1,000,000,000 till now.

Back to the future, where eagles can catch drones, Tesla’s Powerwall version 2.0 is announced, and people considering that everyone should have Basic Income with no strings attached.

That’s all for this time, more to come sometime at certain point in the future.

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