New Firefox Addons Collection for the New Year

It’s been a good year for Firefox and Mozilla. They released the 3.5 version with lots of improvements. We celebrated five years of Firefox. Ubiquity has become more stable, got lots more of commands, Personas reached the 2.0 milestone and the Thunderbird 3.0 looks really great. Firefox 3.5 has become the most popular browser on the web.

To celebrate this year and the one to come, I created a collection of the addons I use on daily basis. Maybe some of them can help you like it help me.

To view the contents of the collection please visit this page. Here’s a list of the addons in the collection:


Strata40 and StrataBuddy (Windows Only) gives you the look and feel of the mockups of Firefox 4.0 which makes your browser looks great in Windows 7.

Personal Menu puts all Firefox menus in one place and hides the menu bar.

Fission displays the progress bar in the address bar.


Tab Progress Bar shows a little progress bar in tab header.

TabMixPlus what can I say. Nothing is like having complete and total control over your browser tabs. Take 20 minutes of your time to go through all the configurations and then export it to a file a keep it in a safe place.

TabScope lets you peek at the other tabs that aren’t in focus like Windows live thumbnail for applications in the taskbar. Scroll page in the preview and even click links. You can control the size of the preview.

Ctrl-Tab displays a preview of all tabs while switching between them just like Windows 7 Alt + Tab.


Evernote Web Clipper if you’re not using Evernote, it’s probably because you’re using OneNote.

Clip to OneNote if you’re not using OneNote, it’s because you’re using Evernote.

Read it Later this is definitely for work. You mark web pages you’re interested in and then read later at work :)

Cooliris (Windows Only) great tool for slideshowing any picture collection. Look at a wall of pictures and zoom in to any one for details. Love it.


CacheViewer easily browse and search your browser cache. Open a file or save it to disk.

Firebug debugging CSS never been easier.

##Firefox Utilities

Adblock Plus blocks ads like they don’t exist.

Organize Status Bar controls how all those other addons are arranged in the status bar.

United States English Dictionary you need this if you stink at spelling like I do.


Video DownloadHelper helps you download video. It’s that simple really.

Download Statusbar puts downloading status in the status bar with simple pause, resume, cancel, rename, open and even delete.

##Little Things that Matter

PastoGo Don’t paste a link in the address bar then click the ‘Go’ button. Have the link the clipboard and just click the ‘PastoGo’ button. Place it next to the address bar and make sure it opens links in a new tab.

CuteMenus - Crystal SVG makes all menus cuter.

CoLT I installed this a long time ago, and one day I uninstalled it because I wasn’t sure what it does, my life was difficult for a couple of days.

##For Mozilla Groupies

Ubiquity is a one-stop command line to do everything web-related. Search, check the whether, send quick e-mail, tweet, you name it. Make sure to download the latest beta from the Ubiquity website.

JetPack is the future of Firefox addons. No restart for installation or updates with the same functionality and awesomeness. Try visiting the jetpacks gallery to find a little awesomeness now.

TestPilot if you want to help Firefox development just by using Firefox. Use this addon to collect anonymous statistics about your usage. TestPilot asks you to participates in tests and shows the data it collected before submitting it.

##Arabic and International

FoxClocks it’s really not nice to call your overseas friends at a late hour. This helps avoiding that.

Arabic Spell-Check Dictionary to spell-check Arabic writing.

PrayTimes stop browsing for a little time to pray.

Hope you enjoy this and found it useful. Happy New Year.