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##Helpful Resources
These are some resources I found helpful when building this site.
GitHub Pages and documentation
Setup Jekyll on Windows and host it on GitHub Pages


Migrating Blogger posts to Jekyll
Migrating from Tumblr to Jekyll
How I Created a Beautiful and Minimal Blog Using Jekyll, Github Pages, and poole
Disqus Comments: Import Your Blogger Comments

Understanding Jekyll

How Jekyll Works
Jekyll From Scratch - Core Architecture
Create a Multi Blog Site with Jekyll
How To Use Tags And Categories On GitHub Pages Without Plugins
Creating Redirects
GitHub Pages Redirects
Setting up short URLs
Generating a Sitemap in Jekyll without a Plugin
Jekyll Cheatsheet
Compressing HTML using Liquid only
Adding client-side Jekyll search with JSON


Hyde Theme
The post ‘Run Jekyll on Windows’ is also good example for Hyde with Colors.

CSS Tricks

CSS Flip
Circular Images with CSS3
How to Expand & Collapse (toggle) div Layer Using Only CSS3
Turn Number to Star Rating
Adding Touch Icons




Markdown Cheatsheet
HTML to MD Online Converter
Formatting date
rails4 unknown encoding name - CP720